Bust The Myths: The Truth About Vouchers

Proponents of Ohio’s voucher program will tell you that it’s about freedom, school choice, helping minority kids have better access to educational opportunities.

Those are lies.

The voucher program does not help minority kids, it hurts them. By siphoning money away from public schools many minority children are left with outdated books, crumbling schools and learning environments that don’t allow them to grow and thrive.

Let’s bust the myths.

MYTH: The voucher program is small and only the kids who really need it are using it.

FACT: The voucher program has ballooned in size since its creation in 2007. Our public schools have lost over $15 billion to private and charter schools. A lot of those taking advantage of the voucher system are upper class kids going to private schools – on the taxpayer’s dime.

MYTH: Vouchers are constitutional.

FACT: Ohio’s system of education has been declared unconstitutional 4 times 2 decades ago. It’s long overdue that we revise our school funding laws so that we can provide the equitable and adequate education that Ohio’s constitution clearly states we must.