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Private school vouchers are a $1 billion boondoggle siphoning our precious tax dollars away from public schools that are open to all children to private school operators that discriminate who they enroll on the basis religion, race, academic and athletic ability, disabilities, gender and any other reason they choose.

The vast majority of students taking vouchers are already enrolled in private schools. This is a refund and a rebate for wealthy families.

We need your local public school district to join our lawsuit. We are asking for pennies on the millions of dollars that are being lost to private school operators. To join Vouchers Hurt Ohio, we need your local school board to pass a Joinder Resolution, listed below, and to pay $2 per pupil, per year to help us pay for our lawsuit.

For school districts wanting to join our coalition, call William L. Phillis, Executive Director of the Ohio Coalition for Equity and Adequacy of School Funding.

He can be reached at

You can find the Joinder Resolution to present to your school board here.

Below is the full Joinder Resolution.

Voucher Joinder

WHEREAS, the State has adopted a universal voucher system; and

WHEREAS, EdChoice Vouchers are funded by the State from designated appropriation line-items 200-550, 200-604, 200-612 and payment to private schools diminishes the amount of funding and levels of educational opportunities in school districts and ESC’s; and

WHEREAS, the deduction of school voucher funds from funds available to authentic public education further reduces the funding available to support the additional needs of minority pupils, pupils in poverty and pupils with disabilities; and

WHEREAS, the deduction of school voucher funds from the appropriations that fund authentic public education increases reliance on local tax revenue to maintain school operations in violation of the Ohio Constitution and clear directives of the Ohio Supreme Court.

Section 1

Now, Therefore, The Board of Education finds and determines that the universal voucher program is harmful to the districts, its pupils, taxpayers, voters and staff.

Section 2

The Board of Education authorizes and directs the School District’s joinder of the Ohio Coalition for Equity and Adequacy of School Funding (Coalition) and directs the District Treasurer to pay Coalition dues as set forth in Section 3.

Section 3

Coalition dues for the school year are the sum of $2.00 per district pupil (enrollment listed on most recent report card). Dues shall be allocated by the Coalition as follows: 1) $.50 per pupil shall be initially allocated to the payment of Coalition operating expenses, and, 2) $1.50 per pupil shall be allocated to the support of the Coalition’s efforts to challenge the constitutionality of the EdChoice voucher program. Coalition Dues (a total of $2 per pupil) are payable upon passage of this resolution.